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Shelby County Voting Rights Case Makes It To US Supreme Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on Feb. 27 in Shelby County government’s attempt to declare parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, carrying with it questions of whether racial discrimination continues to warrant their necessity. More...

Popular Infant Device, ‘Nap Nanny’, Linked To Death Of Five Infants

After five infant fatalities and 70 more reports of infants falling out of the device, the Nap Nanny saw more issues concerning the safety of its clientele. More...

Jefferson County In Court Over Hiring Practices

Jefferson County headed to court again yesterday to continue a three-year contempt trial over their hiring practices. Attorney Kirby Farris discussed the details of this trial with 105.5 WERC’s JT this morning. More...

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Photo: Kirby Farris

Attorney Kirby Farris

Kirby Farris is known throughout Alabama for his relentless determination in pursuing justice for his clients.

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Photo: Ken Riley

Attorney Ken Riley

For over ten years, Mr. Riley has dedicated his law practice to helping injured victims obtain justice.

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Photo: Tiffany Bittner

Host Tiffany Bittner

Tiffany has spent 10 years covering news in Alabama. She's covered everything from Former Chief Justice Roy Moore and the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument to the gubernatorial election of Bob Riley in 2002.

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Legal separation and annulment, while available in Alabama, are rarely used to end a marriage.